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dog-boarding-chicagoWhen your dog comes to Pet Care Plus for a boarding stay don’t be surprised if they ask to stay an extra day or two. Your dog knows a good thing when they see it! Our staff will make your dog the king, or queen, of the castle during their boarding visit. All of our “guests” stay in state of the art suites. Even the biggest guys can board here as the largest suite is 7 feet wide.

We have been boarding dogs in Chicago since 1998! We know everything your dog could need during their stay, whether it’s an old shirt from home for that familiar smell, or maybe a little TLC to get them feeling comfortable…we’ve got it all.

We offer quality care for all of our guests at Pet Care Plus. Many of our boarding clients also share in the daycare fun. If your dog likes playing with others then so be it. Your pet will wake up between 6:30 – 7:30 AM and go for a quick visit outside before breakfast and fresh water is served. After breakfast the dogs that have daycare for fun with their pals from 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM.

At the end of the day your pet will retire to their accommodations to relax for a bit before dinner. After dinner they go out one final time for a little evening exercise and then are ready for bed. Believe us, with our large suites and bedding provided your pooch will snooze the night away.

Our facility is great for senior or special needs dogs as our entire facility is on a single floor so there are no steps to navigate for the older dogs. In our 15 years in business we have taken care of all kinds of dogs from those in wheeled harnesses to those that need multiple medication several times a day so your dog will be in good hands.

We also have much more to offer as part of our extended services for your pet. For example, while here your pet can have a personal masseuse and relieve the stress of being a dog. They can have some quality time in our front office, or get freshened up before going home. Whatever you want, we can do it. You know what they say…it’s a dog’s life!

  • QT – This is one-on-one quiet cuddle time with a member of our staff and your pet. It is a great way to end the day for the first time boarder, or to unwind after a long day of play.
  • Park Walk – You dog will get a 20 minute walk in a great park located down the street from our facility. This allows your dog some private time and time to take in a little bird watching or maybe visit a nice fire hydrant.
  • Busy Bones –- Does your dog enjoy a nice chew before bed? Then let us give him one of our special Kongs filled with kibble, yogurt and peanut butter. It will keep them busy until they fall asleep.
  • Grooming – When you are away your dog will play hard with his pals. While we make every effort to keep them neat, dogs will be dogs. This is a great way to make sure they come home clean as a whistle.

All this at some of the best boarding prices in Chicago and you will see why when people think about Chicago dog boarding they think: Pet Care Plus.

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