Doggie Daycare

Best Chicago Doggie Daycare

Having over 17 years experience in the pet services industry we have seen and done it all as far as daycare in Chicago is concerned. We know how to please your dog. You don’t get to be the #1 dog daycare in the City by cutting corners.

Our dog daycare center has over 10,000 square feet of space for your dog. If your dog had any concept of this idea they would demand to come here for their dog daycare. However, once they have been here they WILL know that it is the only place for them. Their tails will wag when you are driving here because they will know that fun is soon to come. They will hang their head out the window and gaze longingly as you drive by on the weekend and wish that they could stop in to run in our yard and swim in our K-9 Oasis. This is because with 5 play areas we have everything to offer for every kind of dog.

We know all dogs are not the same and we don’t simply judge dogs by size alone. Our staff takes the time to get to know your dog and make sure they get into the play group that is best for them. Again, with 9 different areas to choose from you can be sure your dog will have a great time no matter if they are a wall flower or a “party animal”.

If your dog needs a little special daycare attention we can do that too. Maybe your dog thinks they’re a human too, and just enjoy the company of “their own kind”. Or maybe they have seen many summers go by and just need to take it easy. We can help there as well. We feature several private runs and, of course, a nice doggie bed in the office can work wonders on those shy dogs. We also have several large private runs where they can stretch their legs, run and play – so don’t worry about exercise or free time, they will get plenty of both! Like we said, we have it all. If we didn’t mention something you are looking for, it just means we probably forgot to mention it. Just call and ask.

Your dog will also have a nap time between 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM so they can unwind a little and have a snack or eat some lunch. Please make sure you pack food for them if they need it.

We do all of this because we have learned from our years of experience that the most important thing to remember in this business is…DOGS RULE!!


We are open for daycare Monday – Saturday and offer day-boarding (no group play) on Sundays.

We are now offering pet taxi transportation for daycare dogs! Please call for pricing!



* Additional $5 fee per family applies (complimentary for 5 day a week clients)