Pet Care Plus Method:  Positive reinforcement & lasting results


Group and Individual Dog Training

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Why choose Pet Care Plus training?

We believe through praise, high value rewards, patience, and consistency you can train your dog into becoming your dream companion.

Positive reinforcement training is proven to have lasting results while feeling good about what you are doing with your dog.  Through training, you and your dog will form an inseparable bond you can take with you forever.

We believe training should be teamwork between you and your dog, not dominance or fear driven.


Choose what works best for your companion:

We offer group classes, private sessions, in-home, and stay & train. Individual sessions can be also be used during daycare.

5-week Group Classes

We offer two 5-week group classes: Basics: Manners & Tricks and Puppy 101 for pups 10 weeks to 6 months old. Your pup will learn a variety of tricks and manners included those listed below.

Basics: Manners & Tricks

Puppy 101

Group classes are also a wonderful way to ease your puppy into socializing. Puppy 101 offers a 10-15 minute puppy playtime!

Private Sessions

We offer private/individual sessions for dogs and pet parents that have more specific behavior issues to address such as aggression, fear, separation anxiety, leash issues, or anything else you can think of! This option is catered to you and your needs.

Through one-on-one time with a trainer you and your dog are set up for success with individualized attention and plans created just for you.

In-home Sessions

Have a trainer come to you! In-home sessions are perfect for the dog that shows specific problems at home that may be difficult to re-create elsewhere. Such problems may include excessive barking at the door, bolting out of the front door, jumping on people, counter surfing, or anything else you have a problem with! In-home sessions are tailored to fit your individual needs and schedule.

Stay & Train

Stay & Train combines the perks of dog boarding with training! This option allows your dog to build a deeper connection with their training and get more out of the experience. If you’re going on vacation or have a puppy, but don’t have the time for training this option is for you! Inquire with a trainer for a suggested length of stay for what you’re looking for.


*COMING SOON* SCENT WORK AND AGILITY CLASSES. Please inquire with for further information

She is so educated, understands why he does what he does and is able to make great recommendations on what to do. She’s always there to step in and help during sessions when needed. She checks in on progress and is able to make changes when she see’s something isn’t working. I HIGHLY recommend working with Jamie and the rest of the Pet Care Plus team, you won’t be disappointed.

—Riley C