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DIY Deliciousness! Keeping Pet’s Busy on Cold Days!

We shared some great ideas last week for activities to keep your pup busy and entertained on cold days when they are stuck indoors. If you missed that post, you can check it out HERE! One of the ideas that we got a HUGE response from was how to make your own KONG, toy or…  Read more »

Valentines Shopping for Your Pup at Pet Care Plus!

  It’s February! Time to start thinking about what sort of gifts you will be buying for your pets. . .right? YES! What does your dog want most this Valentine’s Day? How about a Pet Care Plus daycare package? Or a weekend of boarding with luxury grooming services added on? We also have some wonderful treats and…  Read more »

Grooming at Pet Care Plus West Loop Location!

  Did you know that Pet Care Plus offers full service grooming at our West Loop location? We can accommodate anything from a basic bath and freshening up after a day of daycare or weekend of boarding, to a full haircut for any breed. The West Loop grooming salon employs two outstanding and extremely talented…  Read more »

Great Indoor Activities to Keep Your Pup Busy This Winter

  Is your dog beyond bored being stuck in the house with limited time outside and shorter walks due to sub zero temps? Well, the weather forecast for the rest of January doesn’t appear to letting up and spending time inside the house is going to be on the agenda for fido. Luckily, there are…  Read more »

Top Reasons to Use Pet Care Plus for Your Dog Boarding

While it may be tempting to leave your dog at a friends or have people visit your place a few times a day or even overnight while you are away from home we want to point out why dog boarding in a Pet Care Plus suite is the better option for your pet. Not to…  Read more »

2014 Resolutions: Staying on Top of Your Pet’s Grooming

  There are so many reasons to stay on a consistent schedule with your pet’s grooming besides just keeping them smelling clean and looking good. We all manage to come up with lots of reasons to push back or reschedule grooming appointments for our pets, just as we do for ourselves with busy schedules and…  Read more »

Get “Pet Ready” for the Cold Weather: Products to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy

  Here in Chicago we have been fortunate to see very little inclement winter so far this year, but temps are quickly dropping and snow, sleet and ice are on their way. Here are some of our favorite tips and products to keep your pup healthy, happy and entertained on snowy, icy and cold days.…  Read more »

Notes From The Groomer: Tis the Season for. . .FLEAS?

  Would you be surprised to discover your dog had fleas in November? Many people are shocked when one of groomers finds evidence of fleas or flea dirt on their dog during a bath or groom this late in the year. . .but the unfortunate truth is that YES, fleas are still out and about…  Read more »

Notes from the Groomer: The Importance of Year Round Heartworm, Flea and Tick Prevention for Pets

  You may think that fleas and ticks are only a problem you need to contend with during the spring and summer months, but these pests love to hang around in all weather and wreak havoc on your pets and your home. Even as the temperature continues to drop here in Chicago we are still…  Read more »

Importance of New Puppy Training

  So you have a new puppy. They are so cute and cuddly. That puppy breath is the best. So much so there is even a Facebook page dedicated to puppy breath. Not as many likes as Boo but who does. Anyway, the point is that puppies are sweet little containers of cute. However, after…  Read more »