Did you know that the Fourth of July is the most common day for pets to get lost? Chicago’s Fourth can get crazy, so keep your pup safe by following these five tips!

1. Keep Them Home

 at 20,000Hz while dogs’ hearing maxes out at 50,000Hz! When dogs are afraid of fireworks they are more likely to get loose from enclosures, slip their collars, or bolt from their owners. It’s best to leave your pup at home during firework displays.

Remember when you were a kid and fireworks seemed so, so loud? Kids’ hearing maxes out

2. Update Identification

If your pup gets loose, proper identification will be key to having them returned to you. Even if their current tag is the cutest tag ever and no longer sold in stores, it won’t help them get home if it has the wrong phone number and address listed.

This is also a good time to be sure your pup is microchipped. A microchip will be an absolute godsend if your pup manages to get loose.

3. Use a Crate

If you absolutely have to leave your pup alone during the Fourth, crate them if possible. We’ve been astounded by the stories we’ve heard of pups gnawing through West Town wooden doors and even busting through River North condos drywall! A scared pup will do what it takes to get out of a frightening situation and you should do everything possible to keep them secured.


4. Know Your Emergency Plan

From harmful insect repellent to tasty scraps, the Fourth is a minefield of dangers for your pup. Don’t wait until they’re in need to figure out your emergency plan. If your regular vet is closed in Chicago, MedVet is a 24 hour clinic, but be aware that just like with human emergency services waits will be longer on a holiday.


5. Use Calming Products

There are a lot of amazing products currently on the Chicago pet market to help your dog relax naturally if you don’t want to use vet provided medication. Thunderworks offers a range of calming products from their classic Thundershirt to calming sprays you can spritz on your dog’s bed to help calm them. Brands like Thunderworks, Heavenly Hounds, & Bach Flower offer natural, plant based calming solutions.

CBD is another natural, plant based product that is currently dominating the pet anxiety landscape. CBD is effective at curbing anxiety and does not contain delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) since it is derived from hemp. You can find CBD for dogs in the form of drops, treats, and balms.

Guaranteed Safety: Boarding

Since PC+ is next to federally owned train tracks, our area does not receive the typical devil-may-care Chicago Fourth treatment complete with street level firecrackers and that one neighbor whose garage is packed with fireworks from Indiana.

Even if you’ll be in the city for the Fourth, boarding your dog is the best way to guarantee they’ll be secure and safe while you enjoy the holiday. Our facility has layers of security designed to prevent escape artists from doing just that.

Because we support the decision to board easily frightened dogs so much, we’re offering a free signature upgrade to any boarding stay so they can enjoy an even more luxurious suite and you can rest easy with a complimentary email update on how they’re doing. Be sure to book soon with the code “FOURTH 2019“! We typically book out each year for this holiday.