Quality Care for Homebodies!

Sometimes, it may be necessary for your pooch to stay home while you are away. Or maybe you also have a cat, bird, fish, ferret, sloth, rabbit, sugar glider or other pets. Pet Care Plus can still help you there. Did you know we started out over 19 years ago doing just that? We can come into your home and spend some QT with any and all of your pets right there.

Our staff will arrive between 5PM -7PM and then stay at your home until 7AM or later the next day. During that time they will do whatever you need for your pets. We will even include a mid-day walk or visit for your pets’ ultimate care while you are gone! You can also use our transport service while you are away and we can take care of any grooming or vet appointments you may need.

The staff are amazing and truly love and take care of Indy! They will exceed expectations in the love and attention that they give to pets.  ~ Nancy Q.