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Valentines Shopping for Your Pup at Pet Care Plus!

  It’s February! Time to start thinking about what sort of gifts you will be buying for your pets. . .right? YES! What does your dog want most this Valentine’s Day? How about a Pet Care Plus daycare package? Or a weekend of boarding with luxury grooming services added on? We also have some wonderful treats and…  Read more »

Notes From The Groomer: Tis the Season for. . .FLEAS?

  Would you be surprised to discover your dog had fleas in November? Many people are shocked when one of groomers finds evidence of fleas or flea dirt on their dog during a bath or groom this late in the year. . .but the unfortunate truth is that YES, fleas are still out and about…  Read more »

How Often Do I Really Need Dog Grooming?

The easy answer would be for me to day that you need to seek dog grooming at least once a week and preferably at Pet Care Plus. Alas, this is not the case. The more correct answer is …. It Depends? What kind of coat does my dog have, how often is your dog getting…  Read more »

Benefits of Dog Daycare

Being a dog parent comes with many choices. Choices like what food to choose, what vet to use, what collar matches my dogs eyes and what to do when I am busy with work? While Pet Care Plus can help with many of those choices like all natural pet food, great selection of dog collars…  Read more »

Summer Sun Safety

With the summer months and beach season beginning we have to start thinking about sun safety. Not for us but for our dogs. At Pet Care Plus we think about that a lot this time of year with all our dog daycare swimmers in the dog park oasis area. Here are a few things to…  Read more »