Pet Care Plus Method:  Knowledge, Fun, Positive Reinforcement -> Lasting Results!

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Email to start a training plan for your pet. We are also happy to set up a complimentary phone consultation. We look forward to helping you and your dog achieve all of your training goals!

Why choose Pet Care Plus training?

We believe that through engaging activities, confident leadership, and plenty of well-timed treats and praise, you can train your dog into becoming your dream companion. Our methods are based in fun and positivity, and make use of the most up to date scientific knowledge on dog behavior. We believe in the power of teamwork, and we will be here every step of the way as you build communication, shape new tricks, redirect unwanted behaviors, and achieve consistent results. In our training sessions, you will have fun and feel good about what you are doing as you build a healthy lifestyle and a lifelong bond with your dog.

Choose what works best for your companion

We offer group classes, private classes, in-home trainer visits, and stay & train sessions. See “Pricing & Details” at the top of the page for more information on value packages available.

Group Classes

We have three group classes available, based on your dog’s age and experience. Puppies under 6 months old should join the STAR Puppy program (though puppies up to 1 year old may join), adult dogs with no training experience should check out Beginner Basics, and dogs with some foundational training can join the Canine Good Citizen Course. If you need to miss a class, you will be able to schedule a complimentary make-up lesson. Classes meet weekly for one hour and consist of 3 – 6 dogs and their owners. Email for upcoming class dates and times.


AKC STAR Puppy InstructorSocialization, Training, Activity, and Responsibility! Get your puppy off to a great start in this informative and adorable, 6-week class, formulated by the American Kennel Club. You’ll get answers to all of your puppy-raising questions, we will introduce basic obedience commands, and your puppy will get to practice healthy socialization – an invaluable experience for this age group! At the end of the program, you and your puppy will have a chance to pass an evaluation, receive a medal and certificate, and be listed in the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy records. Topics covered in this course include:

Canine Good Citizen

Canine Good Citizen EvaluatorIn this course, you and your dog will focus on the ten basics of good manners and obedience. Our activities will prepare you for more adventures in the community together, and for a calm and balanced relationship at home. CGC is also an American Kennel Club program, so once you master these skills, you will have the chance to pass an evaluation to earn an official title of Canine Good Citizen. Class will meet for 5 weeks, with optional evaluation on week 6. Test items include:

Beginner Basics

This course covers the basics of dog ownership and obedience. Learn how to improve communication with your dog so that you can set healthy boundaries and prepare your dog for success in both new and familiar situations. This class meets for five weeks. Some behaviors that will be covered include:

Owners enrolled in a Training class will also receive discounted pricing for private lessons. We are happy to reward such dedicated dog owners. If some behaviors make more sense to practice outside of class, private sessions can help to tie everything together, and can help increase your training success outside of the classroom.

Private Sessions

We offer private training sessions for dogs and pet parents that have more specific behavioral issues to address, or who simply wish to expedite their training, or work around a busy schedule. Some common behaviors addressed in private sessions include:

This option is catered to you and your needs. Private sessions can be done in-home, at Pet Care Plus, or a combination of both.

Stay & Train

Training time may also be used to give your dog 1 on 1 practice with our trainer while he/she is at Pet Care Plus for boarding or daycare. Depending on your training goals, your dog may greatly benefit from this additional time and attention. We can work on loose leash walking, leash reactivity, socialization issues, obedience commands, and more. This training is catered to your dog’s specific needs and goals. Training time will be spread out however is the most useful, usually broken into 30 min – 1 hour sessions throughout the stay. It is recommended that at least one training session be spent with owners present, so plan to spend some time before or after your dog’s stay to work with our trainer. You will learn ways to deepen understanding between you and your dog, and you will be equipped with techniques to continue your dog’s training moving forward.

Still unsure which option is best for your dog? Email to let us know your questions and your training goals. We are also happy to set up a complimentary 30 min phone consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I locked in to my training package once purchased?

You may upgrade your training package at any time if you would like to add more sessions. If you are unsatisfied or cannot continue training for any reason, we are happy to offer a refund.

How often are the training sessions?

Group classes meet weekly at the given time, but private sessions can be scheduled anytime. Most owners choose to meet weekly, but training can be scheduled multiple days in a row, months apart, or at whatever pace you choose based on your needs and availability. Mornings, nights, and weekends are available.

My dog will be boarding for a week. What training package should I get?

Usually a 4 hour or 6 hour package of training is a great addition to a week-long boarding stay, but more or less may be necessary depending on your goals. Remember that some training time should be used before or after the stay so that everyone is on the same page regarding the training.

Do you train with aversive methods (such as prong collars, e-collars, harsh corrections, etc.)?

Most training issues can be resolved with patience, redirection, and positive reinforcement. Any necessary correction (for example, to stop a dog from eating off the counter) will first be given verbally, and if unsuccessful, as a gentle physical redirection. There is no need for emotionality or prolonged punishment. Training issues are generally human errors and are a simple result of miscommunication with the dog. Better communication is necessary, not harsher punishment.

My dog is making family life difficult with my other pets or children. What can I do?

An in-home training session is the perfect first step for an issue like this. Usually there are communication issues that can be solved with knowledge of dog body language and behavior. Your dog might simply need more personal space, a new exercise routine, clearer boundaries, etc. and we would love to help.

I have received negative feedback on my dog’s behavior during daycare, but I do not notice any behavioral issues at home. What should I do?

Sometimes a dog will exhibit seemingly out of character behaviors when they are away from home or when they join a large playgroup for the first time. Your dog may need more guidance during play, or might do better in a different playgroup. Too rough play, mounting, growling, excessive barking, and jumping are not uncommon issues. Let our trainer know right away if your dog is presenting these behaviors at daycare, and our trainer can monitor your dog’s experience closely and offer solutions.

I am new to owning a dog. Will they need to attend training?

Not all dogs require formal training, but even for the very knowledgeable dog owner, training sessions can be an invaluable opportunity to bond with your new pet. We recommend training to any owner seeking to understand their dog better, to set up healthy boundaries, to deepen communication, to earn trust and respect, and to build a lifetime of fun adventures.

Training Reservation

Our reservation process has updated. New and existing clients can now book through Gingr by logging in or creating an account below. Thank you for using Pet Care Plus for your pets training needs. Please fill out the form below to book your reservation! Note that this form is NOT a confirmed reservation and you will receive a confirmation email within 24-48 hours. If you need immediate assistance call us at 312.397.9077.

Pet Care Plus is great! Cynder not only learned how to socialize with the others but I can finally walk him without breaking my back! He used to pull at every person or animal we encountered but now he sits right next to me and waits until I tell him he can go. THANK YOU, PET CARE PLUS!

—Anna L