Caring for Chicago pets since 1998, at PC+ we understand that every dog is an individual and believe truly knowing each one is the key to their overall well-being. Both our staff and management team have a wealth of animal knowledge and are first aid & CPR trained.

We have a variety of play areas to accommodate all ages, sizes and temperaments in the appropriate play groups. If your dog is shy, that’s ok too. We have many individual and special care options with spacious private suites. We strive to give the most energetic and outgoing dog a safe place to release energy playing while also snuggling our more low-key pups. Our dedicated, expert staff ensures that each and every dog is cared for like a member of their family.

Don’t take our word for it. Swing by for a tour!

Stop by for a tour anytime… really, anytime and we will show you our whole facility with no door off limits. This is the only way for you to know a daycare facility is truly what they say they are. It is our belief if a facility will not open a door for you there must be something to hide.

Our open door policy speaks to the transparency of our team. We strive to have open communication with our dog moms and dads to assist them with any of their dog’s needs from training to dinner. We look forward to seeing you for a tour!