What is doggie daycare?

Doggie daycare is just like daycare for kids. You drop your four legged child off in the morning and they run, play and socialize during the day. You then can pick up your happy pooch anytime after work, we are open until 7pm!  (Extended hours available to 8:45 upon request; extra fees may apply.)

Why should I take my dog to daycare?

Your dog is a social animal and loves to be around other dogs and interact with them. They will learn how to interact socially with other animals and people, get some exercise and, of course, have lots of fun! It also beats chewing your sofa while you are out of the house!!

What vaccines do I need for daycare?

While you should remain current on all of your pet’s health issues, we only require proof of vaccination for a few of the basic requirements. Your dog must be current on Rabies, Distemper w/Lepto*, Bordetella,  and flea & tick preventative (April – September). Your dog must also have a negative fecal exam within the last 6 months.

For your convenience we offer fecal exams at our facility which will save both time and money and can be performed while your dog is at daycare.

*Lepto is a highly contagious bacterial infection transmitted through wildlife urine which is only becoming more prevalent in the city. It is also very transmissible to humans.

Does my dog need to be spayed or neutered?

Yes for all dogs OVER 6 months of age. Not only do we require it but there are many other long term health benefits from your dog being “fixed”. See the following website for a list of these benefits.

Does daycare replace my dog’s regular walk?

Although they do get exercise during the day at doggie daycare, ideally your dog should still get their regular walk so that they can use this time to unwind and get a little quality time with you. It is important for you and your dog to reconnect and bond in order to ensure the best relationship possible.

Is my dog inside the whole time?

Absolutely not! What good is having all this outdoor space if your dog can’t utilize it? We have several different areas for all different types of dogs so your dog can spend the maximum amount of time outside in the fresh air.

What about rest time?

The dogs take a break from the action between 11:00am and 2:00pm. This gives those that need it a chance to nap, or eat their midday snack in peace.  Break time hours on the weekend may vary.

How secure is your play area?

All our exterior fences are secured with locks and double gates. That way even if your little escape artist slips through a gate as someone is coming in or out they are still safely contained in our facility.

Are there separate areas for different sized/age dogs?

Since we have so much space, we are able to utilize it in many different ways! We have places for the big guys, little guys and old/special needs dogs; all secure, separate, and monitored by an employee.

Do you engage the dogs with toys and activities?

We have several types of toys for them to run and play with. Whether it’s fetch, climbing on or in our play equipment, or independent play, we have something to accommodate your pooch’s preference! In addition, during the summer months, we have many pools throughout the area for them to splash around and cool off in not to mention our K-9 Oasis area.

Is the facility clean?

We clean the entire facility thoroughly twice a day. Once during the noon nap time and again at the end of the day. We use a special veterinary disinfectant that is less harsh than bleach but more effective at getting rid of all the different germs that come with being a dog. Also, throughout the entire day, our staff is picking up, mopping off, and power washing to ensure that the grounds are as clean as we would expect of our own yard!

My dog is boarding. Should I bring his favorite bed?

Familiar smells are always good and we encourage you to bring their favorite small blanket or toy. However, we have plenty of bedding available, including orthopedic Kuranda beds! Since we have a variety of bedding available for your dog, we ask that you do not bring any bedding.