Being a dog parent comes with many choices. Choices like what food to choose, what vet to use, what collar matches my dogs eyes and what to do when I am busy with work? While Pet Care Plus can help with many of those choices like all natural pet food, great selection of dog collars and vet recommendations we are here to discuss dog daycare and the benefits it can provide to your special friend.

The number one benefit of dog daycare is the socialization aspect of daycare. Much like you and I dogs crave companionship from both other dogs and humans. At Pet Care plus they will get both play with their dog friends and the loving supervision of our experienced staff. This will not only teach them to play “nice” with their pals but keep their minds active. This brings us to the second benefit of dog daycare.

I have heard it said “Idle paws are the devils playground”. Or at least something to that effect. Either way, dog daycare at Pet Care Plus keeps your dog entertained and engaged be it playing with their friends in our great play areas or swimming the summer days away in our dog park oasis. This will keep you from walking home to a bag of garbage ripped across the floor or your new shoes being turned into the latest fashionable chew toy.

Finally, dog daycare provides your dog plenty of exercise. I know we would all love to be able to walk our dogs twice a day for 30 minutes but unfortunately that isn’t always possible and dog daycare at Pet Care Plus allows your dog to run and play until you take them home and they fall asleep in a little ball of sleepy bliss dreaming about their next trip to Pet Care Plus.

As you can see there are many great benefits from using dog daycare for both you and your dog. Dog daycare at Pet Care Plus also offers the benefit of a one stop place for all your other dog needs like grooming, boarding, dog food and training. You can find out more about dog daycare at Pet Care Plus here.

Jennifer Stavrianos, Owner