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How To Avoid Your Pup Getting Giardia

With all of the snow melting, it’s Giardia Season! But what does that mean? Most pet parents have heard of Giardia at one point, but many don’t realize how common it is.    Let’s start with the basics. Giardia is a single celled parasite that can live in the intestines of mammals, birds, and amphibians.…  Read more »

COVID-19 and The Rise of Canine Separation Anxiety

No one on earth was more thankful for the widespread Shelter In Place orders in response to the COVID-19 pandemic than the dogs of the world!  All across the planet, pups are overjoyed to spend every waking moment by their human companion’s side, soaking up all the love and extra pets their heart desires.  While…  Read more »

What To Know Before Boarding Your Dog

Boarding your fur-baby can be a stressful and scary time, especially if you’re a new pet parent. Often times, it is easier and more cost effective to leave them with a friend or family member, but that isn’t always an option. What are some things you should know before choosing the right pet hotel for…  Read more »

How Dog Daycare Can Improve Your Pups Behavior

Guest post courtesy of Abi Pennavaria As a pet parent, we all want to have that perfectly socialized, friends-with-everyone kind of dog. Unfortunately, not every dog is like that. Just like not all people like everyone, or every situation – neither do they. This can definitely cause frustrations or issues if you ever need to…  Read more »

F What?! A Guide to Doodle Generations

If you’re interested in buying a doodle your head may be swimming by all the generation lingo such as F1, F2, F1b, etc. But don’t fret! We’re here to tell you what the F it’s all about. Let’s start with what a doodle is. Whether you’re searching for a labradoodle, a bernedoodle, or any other type…  Read more »

Oodles of Doodles: The History of the Breed

“Doodle” has grown to mean many different Poodle crossbreeds and has become a catch-all term for any such dog. Just take a look at Chicago Doodles, one of our favorite groups on FB & Instagram, and you’ll find Sheepadoodles, Goldendoodles, Labradoodles, Bernedoodles, and so much more. But where did it all start? In 1969 Monica…  Read more »

Fourth of July Safety

Did you know that the Fourth of July is the most common day for pets to get lost? Chicago’s Fourth can get crazy, so keep your pup safe by following these five tips! 1. Keep Them Home  at 20,000Hz while dogs’ hearing maxes out at 50,000Hz! When dogs are afraid of fireworks they are more likely…  Read more »

Sun Safety

Every summer we monitor our pool dogs closely for two of the biggest sun related dangers: sunburn and heat stroke. Our handlers are all trained on recognizing the symptoms to ensure we have the safest in-ground dog swimming pool in the city! Outside of our pool play group, we often worry about our pup’s sun…  Read more »

What is my Dog Thinking?

Ever wonder what your dog is thinking? What does that look mean? Why are they standing that way? At Pet Care Plus all our staff is trained to read your dogs body language and actions. This translates into one of the safest doggie daycares in Chicago to bring your dog. We are also partnering with…  Read more »

Dog Socialization – A Good Summertime Activity

Summertime in Chicago is a great time to get out with your dog. It gets you and your dog some time in the fresh air and out experiencing the city. However, you need to make sure your dog is being socialized to the summertime experience the right way. This is especially true for puppies and…  Read more »