So you have a new puppy. They are so cute and cuddly. That puppy breath is the best. So much so there is even a Facebook page dedicated to puppy breath. Not as many likes as Boo but who does. Anyway, the point is that puppies are sweet little containers of cute. However, after the first few days you realize they have also chewed your new shoes, pooped on the rug and got dirt all over your pants from jumping all over them.

What to do? Get them enrolled in daycare at Pet Care Plus stat! That will work and tire them out. Well that sounds like a great plan! It will tire them out for sure. It may even help with the potty training. Wait…my dog is still chewing and jumping!?!? What is going on?

We have a list at Pet Care Plus of the three things all puppies should do before coming to daycare.

  • Be spayed/neutered at 6 months (required for group play)
  • Have all vaccinations administered (required for using daycare or boarding services)
  • Get basic puppy training ASAP as early as 12 weeks (Not required but strongly recommended)


Puppy Training

This little fella could have benefited from some puppy training. Or at least the shoes could have!

This last point, puppy training, is worth its weight in gold. Puppy classes are designed under the premise that it is easier to prevent bad habits in the first place than it is to correct it later. You need to learn how to redirect behavior like inappropriate chewing in a teething puppy or the exuberant jumping of an excited one. Early puppy training will teach your dog to be good on the leash, chew the correct toys/treats, not to jump on you and guests as well as basic commands like sit, stay, come, drop, etc. It will also let your pup get more out of their days at Pet Care Plus by teaching them to be better canine good citizens and will make their daycare, boarding and grooming experiences more positive. So as you can see puppy training is a great way to teach your pup right from wrong, bond with them and if done prior to daycare, will help them enjoy daycare that much more.

Jennifer Stavrianos, Owner