Would you be surprised to discover your dog had fleas in November? Many people are shocked when one of groomers finds evidence of fleas or flea dirt on their dog during a bath or groom this late in the year. . .but the unfortunate truth is that YES, fleas are still out and about in full force right now.

With the changing climate and seasons we have experienced throughout the country over the past few years, it is not all that uncommon for fleas, ticks and other parasites to thrive in cooler temperatures and have a longer lifespan both indoors and out.

We hear from a lot of client’s who tell us things such as “My dog is never around other dogs!” “The next closest dog is five houses down!” “Our dog never goes outside and stays only in our yard!” etc…

Many people are surprised to learn that the transmission of fleas to their dog can be from other animals, not just other dogs.

Even if your dog avoids the dog park and does not socialize with other dogs on a regular basis, it is still possible for them to contract fleas.

Stray and feral cats, raccoons, squirrels, birds and virtually any other animal that comes through your yard or crosses the path where you walk your dog can carry fleas.

According to PetMd.com, “Unfortunately, there is no way to keep every wild animal out of your yard — not even with a tall fence. No yard is an island unto itself, and squirrels, raccoons, and other small rodents will find ways to get into your yard, carrying fleas and ticks along with them.

The more visitors you have to your yard, the greater the chance of an infestation arriving on the back of another animal. Feral cats roaming your property are also carriers of fleas and ticks. This is one reason not to encourage wild animals to come into your dog’s domain by leaving out offerings such as corn, nuts, and seeds. Even a bowl of water, left out for when your dog is outside, is an invitation for other animals to hang about.”

Fleas can even be brought into your home by human visitors who may unknowingly bring them along on their clothes if they have an infestation in their own home or spend time around infected animals.

This is why it is so important to not only use a topical flea and tick preventative in the peak seasons, but year round as well.

If you suspect a possible flea problem with your pup, call us to schedule your appointment for a flea bath today at either our Oak Park (708)358-0181 or West Loop (312)397-9077 location.

Image courtesy of Earthbath.com