sled_20dog_20on_20vacationAlready dreaming of your next get away? Headed out of town for an upcoming Spring Break trip? Have you already booked a stay for fido or figured out your pet sitting arrangements?

If you are a seasoned pet owner, you may already have a favorite sitter that comes to stay or a local kennel that your dog loves to visit when you travel. . .but if you are a new pet parent or don’t travel often, choosing the best type of vacation are for your pet can be nerve racking!

You want to make sure that pet is in the best hands and well cared for while you are away, but how do you choose between kennel boarding, home boarding, or having  sitter stay at your home?


Kennel boarding is perfect for social dogs who enjoy playing with other dogs and who need a little more exercise or socialization during the day.  For example, here at Pet Care Plus, your dog can be out in daycare with other dogs during the day getting much needed exercise and play time, and be tired out by the time evening rolls around. Kennel boarding offers a safe, secure environment where your dog is with people and other dogs throughout the day and is able to snuggle up in his or her own kennel suite each night while you are away.

Many kennels, Pet Care Plus included, offer optional extras like private play time, one-on-one office time with staff, special treats like a Peanut Butter stuffed KONG, and the chance to add on a bath or grooming at the end their stay!

If you want to check out the Pet Care Plus boarding options for your upcoming trip, click HERE.


In Home Care or Pet Sitting is a really good option if you have a dog who prefers to lounge at home and maintain their regular schedule. Dogs who require less socialization or who are not interested in playing with other dogs tend to do well in their own environment with a sitter who stays overnight and can maintain their normal schedule of walks and feeding. The in home care option is also good for dogs who have separation anxiety and do not do well in a kennel suite. However, there is less human interaction so separation anxiety could be a concern.

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Boarding at a Sitter’s Home is a good middle ground option for dogs who enjoy playing and spending time with other dogs in a limited setting, but who also prefer to have some down time to relax in a home environment. Most often sitters who board dogs in their homes will have a few other even tempered and friendly dogs staying at the same time, or will have their own resident pets to play with your dog during their stay.

Important Tips and things to look for when choosing your vacation pet care include first and foremost, making sure that the sitter, kennel or business is an experienced, licensed, bonded and insured pet service provider.

If you are looking at kennel boarding, it is important to make sure that among other things:

-The facility is adequately staffed and has a reasonable staff to dog ratio

-The facility is clean, safe, in good condition and free of any potential hazards to your dog

-Your dog is comfortable in the environment (any reputable daycare or boarding facility will require you to bring your dog in for a temperament test prior to boarding or starting daycare)

-It is a place that YOU feel comfortable leaving your dog

Other things you may prefer in a kennel setting are webcam access to watch your dog while you are away, special extras like the staff’s ability to administer medication if needed, and other add on’s. Be sure to ask lots of questions when you call or go in for a tour of the facility to ensure your dogs needs will be met!

If you are hiring an in home sitter to stay with your pet, set up a meet and greet prior to leaving for your trip so the sitter can come by and meet your dog, become familiar with his or her schedule and your home, and answer any questions you may have.

If you are looking into boarding at sitter’s home, definitely set up a time to go visit the home and meet the sitter and the resident pets. Again, ask lots of questions and make sure you are very comfortable with the environment and the sitter.