It is that time of year again when the dogs of Chicago being to leave little clumps of their furry love all over your freshly laundered clothes and clean couches. That’s right….it’s shedding season. Your pooch is losing their winter coat in lieu of the more fashionable, and lighter, summer one. Some dogs shed more than others. Some are obvious like the collie, shepherd, husky and sheepdog. However, some like the pug, dachshund and bulldog are also notoriously heavy shedders.

To keep the “fur bunnies” in check you may think a shave down is the answer but this will just make shorter hairs to sweep up and in Chicago it could be 80 degrees or 30 on any Spring day! The best way to reduce the volume is with routine grooming which is absolutely essential. Brushing or combing your dog helps to remove dead hairs before they can fall on your carpet, bedding and upholstery. It will prevent those dead hairs from forming mats on your dog’s coat that can eventually harm the skin too. A good grooming at Pet Care Plus will help with our professional equipment like our high speed dryers which will blow any loose hairs away and keep them out of your home.

If you would like to book a grooming give Pet Care Plus a call or book online at here!