With the summer months and beach season beginning we have to start thinking about sun safety. Not for us but for our dogs. At Pet Care Plus we think about that a lot this time of year with all our dog daycare swimmers in the dog park oasis area. Here are a few things to think about for your four legged sun worshiper before sending them of to swim at the dog park oasis at Pet Care Plus or any other place.

First and foremost, get to know how your dog acts in the sun and their limits. Some dogs will lay in the sun for hours and bake themselves without moving a muscle. Others will be looking for the A/C after just a few minutes. Also, make sure your dog always has access to clean  and cool water when being active in the sun. At Pet Care Plus we take pride in getting to know all our daycare dogs and this is very important in our dog park oasis where dogs are running and splashing in the sun. While the water cools it can also exposes the skin to additional sun. This is why we always recommend sunscreen for those dogs with pink noses or short fur and light skin.

On to the matter of sunscreen and where to apply. When bathing and playing in the dog park oasis at Pet Care Plus we are always checking the dogs for signs of sun irritation. The main areas are the bridge of the nose and the nose itself. This is especially true for our pink nose friends in dog daycare. Another area of concern is the skin between the hind leg and the belly, the inguinal area. This area is actually at risk for tumors with too much unprotected sun exposure. Sunscreen can be a tricky matter as not just any will do. No zinc oxide as this is toxic to your pooch. Choose a product that is safe for babies and you should be good. At Pet Care Plus we have found that the organic stuff is the best bet as it is a sure thing that some it going to end up on those wagging tongues at some point.

Finally, resist the temptation to fully shave down your long haired dog in the summer as this can expose tender skin to the summer sun. Our dog groomers at Pet Care Plus can help you lighten the load by thinning out your dogs coat with a Furminator treatment to let those cool breezes in and keep the summer sun out. If you keep these tips in mind like we do at Pet Care Plus this will be a great summer of fun in the sun. I know we plan to have fun in the dog park oasis all summer long swimming and playing the days away.

Jennifer Stavrianos, Owner