While it may be tempting to leave your dog at a friends or have people visit your place a few times a day or even overnight while you are away from home we want to point out why dog boarding in a Pet Care Plus suite is the better option for your pet. Not to brag on your dog but they are an intelligent and social creature and while they will take adversity in stride, much like children, they like structure and to have a regular routine when you are away. Your friends popping in from time to time to walk the dog or having someone spend the night and coming home late and leaving early doesn’t satisfy this. This is where Pet Care Plus and our great dog boarding suites come into play. Boarding is the best way to ensure your dog’s safety and happiness while you’re away. Here are some of the top reasons for dog boarding your with Pet Care Plus in one of our great suites.

Companionship – Dogs love a good party and are pack animals by nature. You are your dogs pack, when you are away they need to jump into their new Pet Care Plus pack. While you are away they will make new friends and become part of our pack for the duration of their stay. While it is normal for them to be a little shy at first most dogs will warm up quick to our loving staff.

Exercise– Most dogs enjoy running around and playing or at least just getting out and being a little active. At Pet Care Plus they get this and then some with our large outdoor space and great engaging staff your dog will never be board. Pet Care Plus ensure that your pets get the proper amount of exercise. If your dog was bored at home well…..idle paws are the devils playground.

Feeding – If you leave your friends or others to feed your dog while you are away they may not be able to monitor your dogs feeding as well as you would. In addition dogs will tend to change their eating habits when their “pack leader” is MIA. The trained staff at Pet Care Plus feed all our guests in their suites and alone so that we know exactly how much and when your camper in eating. This way we can be alerted to any changes that we would need to act on. Also it saves from you old college room mate who hasn’t quite grown up from feeding your dog a burger and fries followed by some beer!

Comfort – The boarding suites at Pet Care Plus offer your dog a great place to crash from a long day of play. We have many different sizes of suites so you can be sure we have just the right size for your dog from Chihuahua to Great Dane. This also saves your dog from chewing up your couch when they decide you have been away for a little too long.

While these are just a few reasons why boarding with Pet Care Plus is a great option lets now forget that you will get piece of mind knowing that your dog is staying in our suites and in a place that was voted as the best pet services facility in Chicago on Citysearch. Come check us out the next time you are traveling and see for yourself why dog boarding at Pet Care Plus in one of our pet suites is the best choice for dog boarding in Chicago.