Best Chicago Doggie Daycare!

Having over 22 years’ experience we have seen and done it all as far as daycare in Chicago is concerned. We know what makes your dog happy and how to send them home safe, healthy and tired from a day of play!

Unmatched care

Our staff is the best around and we ensure your dog has their full attention by maintaining a high staff to dog ratio. Our staff is trained to actively monitor all dogs in our care not just for potentially unsafe play, but also for physical indications of illness and stress. We pride ourselves on direct communication and transparency with our pup parents because we strive to be a partner in your dog’s health and well being, not just a sitter.

Amazing play spaces

Our state of the art facility was purpose-built for a dog’s health and safety from the ground up!

Fun for every dog

Not all humans are just alike, and neither are all dogs! Unlike other facilities, we don’t judge on size alone. Our expert staff takes the time necessary to get to know your dog one on one before their temperament evaluation. This allows us to place your pooch in the best play group for them whether they are a wallflower or party animal!

We accommodate special needs

If your dog needs a little “special” daycare attention we can do that! Whether your dog thinks their human and prefers the company of “their own kind” or needs a little help channeling their energy, we can help! Let us know your dog’s needs and we’ll be sure to look after them.

We pride ourselves on transparency, so whether that means they’re getting extra staff snuggles or could benefit from daycare time with our trainer, we’re here to discuss their needs with you.

Everyone loves a nap

napping dogOther daycares will tell you your dog is out playing all day so that is better. This is simply not true. The average dog needs between 12 and 14 hours a day of sleep. Imagine running around with all of your friends for over eight hours. You might get a little tired… except there is no place to unwind.

At PC+ our dogs get a real nap time between 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM where they can unwind a little, get a drink from a personal bowl, and eat some lunch if needed (please bring in a disposable baggie).

We do all of this not because we have to, but because we learned from 22+ years of experience that it is the right way to treat all the dogs in our care. Not only does nap allow dogs to rest and recharge, it helps prevent stress related injury from excessive, nonstop exercise.



We are open for daycare Monday – Saturday and offer day-boarding (no group play) on Sundays.

We offer flexible pet taxi transportation for daycare dogs! Please call for pricing!


* Additional $5 fee per family applies (complimentary for 5 day a week clients)





I am very impressed with the professionalism and the communication that PCP provides. Charlie used to come just for grooming, however when I saw all of the activities that he could do at daycare I was quick to try it out. I’m so glad that I did! Charlie loved every minute of it and made a ton of memories (he told me :)). I love that the dogs are sent outside to use the bathroom. This can be hard to break after going to other daycares that don’t offer outside relief. I’m so happy with the experience and we will be back!  ~ Ashley B.